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Billed discreetly as ANR Enterprises

Scintillating Phonesex SPECIAL

All calls half price only $1 USD per minute

That's only 5 dollars for a quick wank!

10 dollars if you want to take your time! or even longer!!!

I Accept

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Billing is quite simple. All calls will be charged at only $1.99 USD per minute. *(apart from when special offers apply)* All charges will be billed as ANR Enterprises. There are absolutlely NO hidden costs. You will only EVER be charged from when I call you back. I accept Visa/MasterCards/American Express/Discover debit credit and pre-paid cards, over the phone. I am set up to accept calls from the United States and Canada. I accept International calls.

Here's how it works. First, You browse through my page and then, you give me a call. Then it will take a few minutes to confirm your details, age, name, address, credit card information etc... Then I call you back immediately.

ONLY, first time callers will have to; verify their ID's by calling from a phone number that is linked directly to their credit card billing address. For I must comply with legal statutes. As a Fantasy Artist I have to be sure I am NOT providing this service to any minors.

Callers should be aware that a five minute minimum is applied to every call.

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Or - (001)-602-283-3838


FREQUENT FLYER MINUTES can be used immediately, on call.. by request

Or accrued on your personal account to be used at your leisure.

Frequent flyer minutes do not accrue while specials apply or when the calls are under 10 minutes.

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